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Our 2016 Valentine’s Day Poster Campaign

#BringDatingBack – What It’s All About

LFN_vday_2016_FB[1]Ever since Boston College’s “Date Doctor,” Kerry Cronin, lectured at SIU 2014, students have been telling us that they are eager to date, but are at a loss since there is no social script for dating on campus. Our response? Last year we created a national #BringDatingBack campaign to aid students’ efforts to revive a dating culture on campus. This year we’re bringing it back with a new twist!

This year’s posters focus on specific tips that respond to specific fears students might have about going on a date. Our goal is to assuage student’s concerns by helping them recognize, in a lighthearted way, that going on a date just isn’t that complicated, scary, old-fashioned, or awkward. We want students to learn for themselves that their romantic lives don’t have to be dictated by campus norms; they can step outside the hookup culture box and try a novel way of getting to know someone – by taking them on a date. In addition to the posters, we’ve compiled a list of dating “pro tips” (in English and Spanish) meant to give students some of the basic dating skills they’ll need to get started!

View the posters!

Beginning on Monday, February 8th, students at 36 schools (see below) will plaster their campuses with each of these four unique posters. In addition to hanging posters, students will be hosting their own campus lectures, movie screenings, discussions, social events, and flower and candy give-aways to help raise awareness for the campaign. See list of events.

You can follow the #BringDatingBack campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages for photos, updates, and announcements. Visit our blog throughout Valentine’s week for student and staff articles about the campaign and check out the 2015 Valentine’s Campaign press release.

Dating ProTips

Each of the four campaign posters cite a different numbered dating pro tip. This year, as part of the campaign, we’ve compiled a full list of twenty-eight dating pro tips as a dating guide for students. In addition to encouraging them to start dating, we wanted to provide them with “How-to” instructions.

Dating 101: ProTips

Dating 101: ProTips (Spanish)

Join the Campaign

You don’t have to be a college student to spread the #BringDatingBack message!

1) SUPPORT the movement by making a donation that will go directly toward the campaign costs. We’re sending out 3,300 posters averaging at 90 per school, since we have 36 participating schools! See how your gift can make a difference below!

$15 – Sends 10 posters
$45 – Sends 30 posters
$75 – Sends 50 posters
$135 – Fully funds the poster campaign at one school
$250 – Funds one campus tabling event

Send Posters to Campus

2) PARTICIPATE in the movement by changing your Facebook profile picture to our campaign image — pictured above. Last year the shared Facebook profile image heightened the campaign’s exposure significantly and demonstrated a wide-reaching united front in support of authentic love and faithfulness – and we look forward to the same success this year!

3) SHARE the movement by visiting Facebook and Twitter throughout next week and commenting on, liking, sharing, and retweeting our posts! Starting on Monday, February 8th, you’ll have access to all of the campaign posters via our Facebook page, which you can share with as many people as possible! You can also change your Facebook profile picture to the image above!

Participating Schools

Ashland College
Ave Maria College
Benedictine College
Biola University
Brigham Young University
Brown University
Catholic University of America
Christendom College
College of William and Mary
Columbia University
Franciscan University of Steubenville
George Mason University
Georgetown University
Grand Valley State
Harvard University
James Madison University
Johns Hopkins University
Liberty University
New York University

Princeton University
Providence College
St. Anselm College
St. Thomas University
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
The College of New Jersey
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Dallas
University of Mary
University of Notre Dame
Universidad Panamericana
University of Pittsburgh
University of Wisconsin
University of Virginia
Washington and Lee University
Yale University

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