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#BeUnexpected this Valentine’s Day

2017 Valentine’s Poster Campaign

On many college campuses, Valentine’s Day is often seen as being all about sex.

But at dozens of college campuses across the country, our national poster campaign will be encouraging college students not to get caught up in the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, and instead to “be unexpected” by building real, authentic relationships.

Beginning on February 8, 2017, the intercollegiate Valentine’s Day poster campaign will feature student groups at dozens of colleges and universities, including Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, Georgetown, and many more, that will be plastering campuses with posters that remind peers not to buy into the predictable Valentine’s messaging that dominates popular campus culture

The poster campaign will challenge college students to look past the tired hype of Valentine’s Day. Students will be encouraged to build meaningful relationships, instead of hooking up, by using Valentine’s Day to start new friendships, cement old ones, or even to learn more about authentic relationships by asking their grandparents how they met. On social media, students will be encouraging their peers to #BeUnexpected instead of simply carrying out society’s Valentine’s Day expectations, and inviting others to join in the conversation.

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Join the Campaign

You don’t have to be a college student to spread the #BeUnexpected message!

From coast to coast—Harvard to Stanford—with many schools in between, this Valentine’s Day, our fearless student leaders will be hanging posters and hosting lectures and events to engage in conversations with their peers about authentic love and relationships.

But they need your support to make their efforts successful! Here’s how you can be involved:

1) JOIN the movement by visiting Facebook and Twitter every day during the campaign from February 8 – 14 to share what it means to #BeUnexpected this Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re not a student, we want the reach of the campaign message to spread as wide as possible! Make sure you use our #BeUnexpected hashtag.

2) SUPPORT our campaign by making a donation that will go directly to covering the campaign costs. A gift of just $20 dollars covers the full cost of sending and hanging 10 posters for one of our LFN groups. A $100 gift covers the full cost of designing, printing, and shipping posters to one entire campus in our network.

$20 – Sends 10 posters
$30 – Sends 15 posters
$50 – Sends 25 posters
$100 – Fully funds the poster campaign at one school

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