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Hook-up culture

Erika Bachiochi – Discovering Sexual Equality in Our Shared Response to Human Dependency

When we recognize, as a matter of priority, the human condition as one that is fundamentally embodied, and so inescapably vulnerable and dependent, we can better understand the nature of sexual complementarity. Seen from this perspective, sexual complementarity becomes sexual … Continue reading »

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Sex and Danger at UVA

This article was originally published in First Things, May 2015. by Vigen Guroian and William Wilson This past November, Rolling Stone magazine published an article that told the story of a gang rape in a fraternity house at the University … Continue reading »

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Challenge & Hope for a New Generation | Part 5 of 6 of The Humanum Series

Part five of a six-part series on marriage from the global Humanum conference in Rome. Visit for more.

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The Economics of Sex

This Research Animate pulls together some of the key sexual economics arguments made by social scientists, including Roy Baumeister, Kathleen Vohs, Timothy Reichert, Mark Regnerus, and George Akerlof. Resource Guide

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Kerry Cronin – Hanging Out and Hooking Up: The Case of the Lost Social Script of Dating on College Campuses

Many observers find the prevalence of hook-up culture on college campuses to be a signal of the last gasps of traditional courtship and dating. Still others view that conclusion as the “moral panic” of the old and unhip. But what … Continue reading »

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Sexual Integrity and Campus Culture

On September 9th, 2014, the Love and Fidelity Network hosted an informational session for high school parents on sexual integrity and the campus culture. During the event, Ryan T. Anderson (William E. Simon Fellow, Heritage Foundation) described the motivations behind … Continue reading »

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Gender Differences in Receptivity to Sexual Offers

This piece was originally published by the Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality, 1989. By Russell D. Clark III, PhD. and Elaine Hatfield, PhD. According to cultural stereotypes, men are more eager for sex than women; women are more likely … Continue reading »

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Sex Is Cheap: Why Young Men Have the Upper Hand in Bed, Even When They’re Failing in Life

This article was originally published on Slate, February 25, 2011. By Mark Regnerus We keep hearing that young men are failing to adapt to contemporary life. Their financial prospects are impaired—earnings for 25- to 34-year-old men have fallen by 20 percent … Continue reading »

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Broken Hearts: The Nature and Risks of Romantic Rejection

  Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher offers an analysis of the effects of sex and love on the brain, specifically noting that women in particular may be more vulnerable to developing feelings of attachment to a sexual partner, regardless of romantic … Continue reading »

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The Economics of Sex

Take this 10-minute crash course on the Economics of Sex. Men, women, and today’s (confusing!) mating market explained. A film by The Austin Institute The resource guide to this film can be found here.

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