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Helen Alvaré – Restoring Culture from Confusion

In the wake of Obergefell v. Hodges, many have been left wondering where to go from here. What are the next steps legally and culturally? What is already being done, and what is there still left to do? Helen Alvaré … Continue reading »

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Understanding Man & Woman | Part 3 of 6 of The Humanum Series

Part three of a six-part series on marriage from the global Humanum conference in Rome. Visit for more.

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Cultural Suppression of Female Sexuality

This piece was originally published in the Review of General Psychology, Vol 6(2), Jun 2002. By Roy F. Baumeister and Jean M. Twenge Four theories about cultural suppression of female sexuality are evaluated. Data are reviewed on cross-cultural differences in power … Continue reading »

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Sex Is Cheap: Why Young Men Have the Upper Hand in Bed, Even When They’re Failing in Life

This article was originally published on Slate, February 25, 2011. By Mark Regnerus We keep hearing that young men are failing to adapt to contemporary life. Their financial prospects are impaired—earnings for 25- to 34-year-old men have fallen by 20 percent … Continue reading »

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The Sexy Lie We Have Been Telling Ourselves

In this TEDx video, Caroline Heldman, the chair of the Politics department at Occidental College, explains to her audience what sexual objectification is and why girls are taught that it can be empowering when the reality is far from that.

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Motherhood and Career: A Thrilling Tug of War

The home and the office pull in opposite directions, but modern mothers can assemble a team on both ends of the rope to help them manage that tension—and they can learn to thrive in the process.

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The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness

By many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.

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A Tangled Web: Don Jon Highlights Real-life Effects of Internet Porn

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film raises a good question: Does our culture have an unhealthy relationship with porn? In Verily’s upcoming Nov/Dec Issue, Mary Rose Somarriba gives an answer.

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What ‘Lean In’ Misunderstands About Gender Differences

Author Christina Hoff Sommers examines the oft double standard role of feminism in abolishing traditional gender roles within families and relationships, and questions the assertion that this is always beneficial and “freeing” for the women involved.

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You Can Give a Boy a Doll, But You Can’t Make Him Play With It

Author Christina Hoff Sommers argues against the idea that it is “gender discrimination” to encourage and allow children to pursue “gender normative” play. She suggests that children often actually prefer more traditional play because of our biological makeup, and includes interesting anecdotes about the gender-neutral educational policies for children in Sweden and the effects (or rather, lack of effect) it has on children’s play preferences.

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