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Relationtionship DUI – Are You Really in Love? This video will help you answer for yourself whether you have a timeless love or a time limited chemical high. If you want a happier or more real relationship next time around or if you want to improve the … Continue reading »

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The Economics of Sex

This Research Animate pulls together some of the key sexual economics arguments made by social scientists, including Roy Baumeister, Kathleen Vohs, Timothy Reichert, Mark Regnerus, and George Akerlof. Resource Guide

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Scott Stanley – Sliding vs. Deciding: How Life Before “I Do” Impacts Lasting Love

From changes in sexual practices to the disconnection of marriage from child-bearing to living together before (or instead of) marriage, patterns of family formation have changed dramatically within a brief moment of history. Dr. Stanley explores how the new paradigm … Continue reading »

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Before “I Do.” What Do Premarital Experiences Have to Do with Marital Quality Among Today’s Young Adults?

The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia Galena K. Rhoades and Scott M. Stanley Read the full National Marriage Project Here’s a brief excerpt from the report: This relationship sequence—with sex, cohabitation, and sometimes children preceding marriage—has become … Continue reading »

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FIRST-PERSON: Cohabitation & divorce — there is a correlation

This piece was originally posted here on Baptist Press, October 4, 2011. By Glenn T. Stanton COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP) — How many computers or cars do you think Toshiba and Toyota would sell if they didn’t let you test … Continue reading »

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The Social Costs of Abandoning the Meaning of Marriage

Marriage plays a fundamental role in civil society because it is characterized by sexual complementarity, monogamy, exclusivity, and permanence. These marriage norms encourage men and women to commit permanently and exclusively to each other and take responsibility for their children.

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Twentysomething Marriage: The Knot Yet Report

One of the most important social developments of our time is the recent rise in age at first marriage, which now stands at 27 for women and 29 for men–a historic high. This report from experts Brad Wilcox, Jason Carroll, and more details the consequences – for better and for worse.

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Men and Women Often Expect Different Things When They Move In Together

“A new study suggests that men are more likely than women to be not ‘completely committed’ to their partners”

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Dan Quayle Was Right

“The social-science evidence is in: though it may benefit the adults involved, the dissolution of intact two-parent families is harmful to large numbers of children. Moreover, the author argues, family diversity in the form of increasing numbers of single-parent and stepparent families does not strengthen the social fabric but, rather, dramatically weakens and undermines society.”

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4 Cool Statistics About Abstinence in the USA

Compared to other groups with similar numbers, people who wait until marriage to have sex are a pretty under-discussed minority in the United States…read full article here.

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