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Jeffrey Shears – The Importance of Fathering in the Lives of Children

This presentation will focus on the unique contributions of fathers to children’s development. There is abundant research that highlights the importance of mothers in the lives of children and there is increasing support that positively involved fathers are equally important. … Continue reading »

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The Cradle of Life & Love: A Mother & Father for the World’s Children | 2 of 6 of The Humanum Series

Part of a six-part series on marriage from the global Humanum conference in Rome. Visit for more.

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Where Has Foucault Gone (Q&A)

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, California State University at Northridge The discussion continues after Dr. Lopez’s talk during the question and answer session.

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Where Has Foucault Gone? An Archaeology of the Family in the 1950s and 2010s

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, California State University at Northridge In this full-length lecture on the archaeology of the family, Dr. Lopez discusses Queer theory and its relationship to the shift of the family form the 1950s to now.

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How Churches Can Bridge the Marriage Divide

This interview was originally published by First Things. Earlier this month, W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project and a senior fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, addressed the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the increasingly “separate and unequal” character … Continue reading »

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Put the Sex Back in Sex Ed

This piece was originally published on Time, March 13, 2014. By Camille Paglia When public schools refuse to acknowledge gender differences, we betray boys and girls alike. Fertility is the missing chapter in sex education. Sobering facts about women’s declining … Continue reading »

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Modern Families and the Messes We Make

Assistive reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization not only involve serious medical risks, they also disrupt family life and commodify human beings.

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Does Contraception Change the Game? Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and the New Battle of the Sexes

Catherine Pakaluk, Ph.D., Ave Maria University In The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness, Stevenson and Wolfers (2007) document a new “gender gap” between the sexes, in which women today generally report lower subjective well-being relative to men. Building on research … Continue reading »

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What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster

Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard Everything you know about population growth and demographics is wrong. The world is not overcrowded. Growth is slowing rapidly. And within a few decades, most models suggest that global population is going to actually contract. Why? Because … Continue reading »

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The Emperor’s New Kids: A First Hand Account of Third Party Reproduction

Alana Newman, Anonymous Us What could be the problem in letting eager caretakers use technology to create the children they so desperately want? In this illuminating talk, Alana Newman uses her first person experience as the daughter of an anonymous … Continue reading »

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