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The New Phobia of Fecundity

By Cassandra Hough Last week, discussion of a new phobia made waves on the social media circuit: fecundophobia. Mollie Hemmingway, writing for The Federalist, explained that “fecundophobia” is the growing fear of children and fertile women.  She sites ample evidence … Continue reading »

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"Courtship, Etiquette, and the Adolescent Male" by Randall B Smith

Recently, Randall Smith discussed how etiquette and courtship rituals, which once helped channel masculine energy into constructive ends, has degenerated into hook-ups. In his opinion, women have been a large part of the cause. Read on for his take: I … Continue reading »

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"Why Young Persons Would Wait Forevermore" by Catherine Palmer

Most women still want to be princesses, and most men still seek to win a woman’s heart. Hefner and Sanger diminished the person to the mere sum of parts, yet we know that men and women are remarkable and multifarious, fantastic and so much more. There is still magic in the differences of the sexes—and what a joy it is to encounter them! Indeed, our world contains the possibility of being radically altered by this ‘other,’ who, through the eyes of love, suddenly becomes much larger than we saw before.

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"Take Back the Slut?" by Cassandra Hough

Should assault perpetrators be held responsible for their actions and should we put greater effort into educating about the seriousness of sexual assault? Most definitely. SlutWalk protestors are justified in demanding this. But before they take back the term “slut”, they should ask themselves if they really want to and what messages they send by embracing the name and the messages that come along with it.

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"The Importance of Dignified Beauty" by Viviana Garcia

How can women find the proper balance between dressing with dignity while maintaining a level of attractiveness? Dr. de Solenni demonstrated reconciliation between beauty and virtue when she stated, “Women are both beauty and intellect and there’s nothing wrong with looking beautiful, for in fact, you will attract virtuous people in the process.” Modesty brings out beauty and immediately calls others to view one in a different light, a more elevated light, one in which the person is seen for who she really is.

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Beauty and Bathing Suits

young women approached me asking for other options. “If we know that less isn’t more and what we wear significantly impacts how men view women, what can we wear instead?” Do not despair. Vintage is in and classy never goes out of fashion. Consider whether the suit you currently own adequately reflects the beauty you would like to portray. As philosopher and ethicist Dr. Pia de Solenni says: “Beauty draws the seer towards the person seen; it invites them to know and have confidence in that person even without knowing the person intimately.” With this in mind, maybe it is time to go shopping.

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She Wore an Itsy Bitsy…

Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand once remarked, “If little girls were made aware of the great mystery confided to them, their purity would be guaranteed. The very reverence which they would have toward their own bodies would inevitably be perceived by the other sex. Men are talented at reading women’s body language, and they are not likely to risk being humiliated when a refusal is certain. Perceiving women’s modesty, they would take their cue and, in return, approach the female sex with reverence.”

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Modesty as a Gateway to Love by Ashley Crouch

Modesty, on the other hand, serves to open the gateway of love between persons by revealing who a woman is as a full person, an individual with dignity, not reducible to her sexual features. When a woman practices modesty, she simultaneously protects, preserves, and presents herself to the world as a person of dignity and self-respect; for through modesty, the beauty of her femininity is highlighted rather than objectified. Modesty flows from “moderation,” where all the elements of the woman are shown cohesively and beautifully.

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