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Valentine’s Ad #1

Direct source: “Model 3 includes a dichotomous variable measuring premarital sex and indicates that women who had their first sexual encounter prior to first marriage are about 34% more likely to experience marital dissolution at each point in their marriages … Continue reading »

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"The Cohabitation Question" by Christopher Mooney

A regular observance of the weekly dating column in “The Guide” would indicate that students and young adults choose to cohabit as a safety net due to an anxiety over dating and marriage that seems almost impossible to rectify. Yet, if the previous assertions about the risky effects of cohabitation are legitimate, much is at stake. As young adults, our futures hang in the balance and are often determined by the choices we make with our relationships. It is worth thoughtfully considering what the implications of cohabiting may be for us if we hope to secure a solid and stable future well-being.

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