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Suggested Reads for

Sexuality, Integrity, and the University

Below you will find a list of articles and videos recommended directly by this year’s conference lecturers to help you better prepare for their conference sessions. Reading through these resources prior to arriving in Princeton for SIU 2016 will help prepare you to more deeply engage with the topics, speakers, and other conference participants.


Embodied Caregiving
By Erika Bachiochi
First Things October 2016

50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides
By Walt Heyer
Public Discourse February 2016

Transgender Identities Are Not Always Permanent
By Walt Heyer
Public Discourse September 2016

The Romance of Domesticity
By Nathan Schuelter
Touchstone 2011

The Radical Equality and Radical Inequality of “Male and Female”
By David Upham
Why Get Hitched?

Upham’s review of Anton’s review of Tom Wolfe’s review of the womenfolk
By David Upham
Why Get Hitched?

Mismatches in the Marriage Market (PDF)
By Daniel Lichter, Joseph Price, and Jeffrey Swigert 


The Humanum Series
April 2016
Watch the first episode free or watch short excerpts here.


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