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The Great Divorce: What Happened to True Love and What is Good Chastity?: Sexual Ethics and Human Flourishing

Laura Garcia, Ph.D., Boston College

We are attracted to the opposite sex in so many ways. How can we tell if what we feel for each other is the real thing? The careful analysis of sexual attraction in Karol Wojtyla’s “Love and Responsibility” explains why some ersatz versions of love can seem so genuine, and what it takes to make a marriage work over the long haul. He also pinpoints the major obstacle to true love that arises when we create a false separation between the human person and the human body.

Christopher Tollefsen, Ph.D., University of South Carolina

The question “Why should I be chaste?” must be answered by reference to the goods that chastity, a virtue, serves. In this presentation, three such goods are discussed: marriage, integrity and human life.

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