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Restoring the Foundation: Why Marriage and the Intact Family Matter

Christine Kim, Heritage Foundation

For decades, marriage and the intact family have been declining, without any indication of relenting. The trends are dramatic, and the consequences far-reaching. The divorce rate is twice that of 1960, and for the average couple, the lifetime probability of separation or divorce is still between 40 and 50 percent. Furthermore, not only are Americans delaying marriage, they are also less likely overall to marry. Cohabitation, on the other hand, has become the norm; about one-half of all young adults have lived together outside of marriage. And having children is increasingly being disconnected from marriage. Today, four children in ten are born outside of marriage. By the time they reach adulthood, one-half of all children will have spend some portion of their childhood in a single parent home. What do current trends bode for the wellbeing of children, adults, and society? In this session, Christine Kim explores the empirical evidence on the link between marriage and individual wellbeing and the common good.

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