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Relationtionship DUI – Are You Really in Love?
This video will help you answer for yourself whether you have a timeless love or a time limited chemical high.

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We create research-based relationship content. This video is just one example of some of the different tools that we use in our relationship education curricula.

The video shown above is called Relationship DUI
It was designed by PREP, Inc. to explore the following concepts:
• partner selection
• relationship pacing
• advantages to defining your relationship
• advantages to clearly deciding who you fall in love with and how you go about falling.

Content Overview
It’s a four-minute illustrated lecture, that outlines why so many of us slide into bad relationships, and choose the wrong partners and hang on long after we know it should end. Share this video with anyone you think might be settling for the wrong person or the wrong reasons.

This video is based in part on the research by Drs Scott Stanley, Galena Rhoades, and Howard Markman

Produced by:
Natalie Jenkins
Lawrence Ramos
Nick Thayer
Jeff Erlacher
Miranda Egger
Sarah Healey
Jared Haley

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