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Michael Pakaluk – First Comes Friendship? The Role of Friendship on the Course of Dating, Marriage, and Family Life


In what sense is a marriage a friendship? If it is a friendship, is the romantic relationship a form of friendship, or the  friendship something else and in addition? What role does the controversial notion of complementarity of the sexes play in such a friendship? Do courtship and dating have types of friendship all their own, or are they friendships insofar as they are leading to marriage? Do other kinds of friendship in a family stand on their own, or are they somehow derived from the friendship of a husband and wife? Dr. Michael Pakaluk will address these questions starting from Aristotle, Aquinas, and Wojtyla.

Dr. Michael Pakaluk is an internationally recognized Aristotelian scholar and an expert in Aristotle’s Ethics. He was a Marshall Scholar at Harvard University and took his Ph.D. in philosophy at Harvard under John Rawls. The author of many scholarly books and articles, including influential works on friendship, he has also written The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God (Ignatius Press), a study of holiness in ordinary life. A member of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas, and Chair and Professor of Philosophy at Ave Maria University, it is claimed that Pakaluk has tied Thomas Reid, the Scots Commonsense thinker, for having the most children as a philosopher.

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