Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

Lessons from the Ground: Student Leaders Share their Successes, Obstacles, and Advice


Eduardo Andino, Yale University ’13

Luciana Milano, Harvard University ’14

Chris Mooney, Georgetown University ’13

Providing an alternative voice on campus and striving to impact the sexual culture on campus is challenging work. Student leaders are at the forefront of the debates over marriage, family, and sexual integrity on their campuses, doing the legwork on the ground. Different schools have different needs, obstacles, and challenges. But each school presents a unique opportunity to share the message of a healthy understanding of human sexuality. Here, student leaders from Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale discuss their experiences in providing a voice for traditional sexual mores on their respective campuses. Lessons from the unique challenges at each of these schools will provide others with a leg up when students at other schools face similar challenges.

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