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Feminism and Femininity: The Tie Between Identity and Beauty

Pia de Solenni, Ph.D., Diotima Consulting

The feminist revolution of the 1960’s radically altered society’s view of women. Today, feminist influences appear in education, work, fashion, and the media. Yet many young women, having grown up in a post-feminist area, are unaware of the source of the notions that have affected their (and society’s) perception of femininity. Misunderstanding of women’s unique contribution and inherent beauty, for instance, has led to further confusion and misuse of characteristics of womanhood. In this breakout session, Dr. Pia de Solenni explores the ways in which the definitions of femininity have changed historically. In this framework, she juxtaposes society’s current notion of femininity with an individual woman’s perception of her own femininity and beauty. Dr. de Solenni then demonstrates how the extent to which a woman understands her beauty determines her understanding of her own identity, role, and power. Finally, Dr. de Solenni posits practical ways in which women can be feminine and embrace the power they have in their beauty amidst society’s changed culture.

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