Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

Ask the Experts: How to Answer Tough Questions Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Christine Kim, Heritage Foundation
Donald Hilton, M.D., University of Texas Health Sciences Center
Jason Carroll, Ph.D., Brigham Young University
Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Ruth Institute
Pia de Solenni, Ph.D., Diotima Consulting
Steven Rhoads, Ph.D., University of Virginia 

Understanding the arguments supporting marriage, family, and sexual integrity is central to responsibly engaging these issues and taking a well informed position on them. Even when students come to understand the arguments which support their vales, they may encounter situations where it is challenging to respond to counter-arguments, critiques and/or expressed hostility. Therefore, learning how to reply in these circumstances is one of the worthiest pursuits in which a student committed to upholding sexual integrity, marriage, and family can persist. This panel created an opportunity for students to follow up on arguments learned at this conference as well as ask the toughest questions they face on campus—both  inside and outside of the classroom—so that they could (and can) be armed with short, intelligent answers to deliver their opponents.

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