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Robert Oscar Lopez, Ph.D.


Robert Oscar Lopez received his BA in Political Science, an MA in Classics, and a PhD in English. His book, The Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman, came out with Rowman & Littlefield’s University Press of America in 2011. The next two projects will be Putting Text on Trial, a pedagogical study of mock trials, and Gilded Lilies, a cultural study of the Hollywood musical. He has also been an active commentator and advocate for children’s rights and ethical family alternatives. Dozens of his essays have appeared in venues such as CounterpunchAmerican Thinker, and Public Discourse, among others. Since 2012 he has been involved internationally with correspondents in over twenty other countries. His French-English translations are posted on a site he co-manages with Swiss and French partners, called English Manif.

Some of his publications include:

The Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients, from Wheatley to Whitman. Forthcoming from Rowman & Littlefield publishing group. Lanham, MD: U Press of America, 2011.

“Putting Text on Trial: Ethics and the Exposure of Transdisciplinary Difference.” Regards Croisés series. Interdisciplinarité en Question dans les Études Anglophones. Eds. André Kaenel, Claire Omhovère, and Richard Samin. Nancy, France: Presse Universitaire de Nancy, 2009. 117-130.

“The Orientalization of John Winthrop in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘City in the Sea.’” Edgar Allan Poe Review 10:2 (Fall 2009). 87-103.

“The colors of double exceptionalism: African America and the Founders.” Literature Compass 5:1 (January 2008). 21-40.

“Thoreau, Homer, and Community.” In More Day to Dawn. Eds. Sandra Petrulionis and Laura Dassow Walls. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2007. 127-151.

“Discipline and Demonize: Understanding our Enemies by Understanding the Greeks.” Ancient Paths Modern Journeys. January 2006. Published online.

“A Christian Boy and a Proud Man of Color.” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory 14 (2005). 145-153.

“Buffalo, 1997.” Living Forge 1:2 (2005) 106-112.

“Thoreau, Homer, and Community.” Nineteenth-Century Prose 31:2 (Fall 2004). 122-151.


-How Kids of Gays Speak Out, and How Society Responds (University of California, Los Angeles, May 28, 2015)

-Where Has Foucault Gone? An Archaeology of the Family in the 1950s and 2010s (Stanford University, April 5, 2014)

-Are the Kids All Right? Lessons from the New Family Structures Study and the Public Debate (Sexuality, Integrity, and University 2012)

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