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Christopher Tollefsen, Ph.D.


Dr. Christopher Tollefsen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.  He specializes in moral philosophy and practical ethics.  He is co-author, with Robert P. George, of Embryo: A Defense of Human Life and is the author of a number of papers on beginning and end of life issues.  He is a fellow of the James Madison Society, a Senior Fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, and a frequent contributor to Public Discourse.  He and his wife have nine children.


-The Nature of Sexuality (Princeton University, April 23, 2012)

-Chastity and Human Goods (Yale University, February 5, 2012)

-Philosophical Foundations of Sexual Integrity (College of William and Mary, October 22, 2011)

-What Good Is Chastity? Sexual Ethics and Human Flourishing (Sexuality, Integrity, and University 2008)

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