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Alana Newman


Alana S. Newman’s field of expertise is in the ethics and challenges of donor-conception and third party reproduction, but her other passions include music, writing, and gender relations/social studies. Besides being the founder of The Anonymous Us Project, she is currently in pre-production of a film she co-wrote titled Adam & Eva with Brooklyn’s Michael Galinsky and Rumur Productions. Her vocal driven indie-folk songs have been heard on BBC2, and radio stations around the world, having released an EP titled The Misuse of Chemistry with London’s Chessclub Records in 2011 under her maiden name Alana Stewart. Alana has appeared in Newsweek, Washington Post, Women’s Healthand NPR and has been interviewed by journalists around the world, including Brazil, Japan, Spain, Australia, Sweden and more. Alana also recently co-founded Happy Couple Workout, a fitness and relationship strengthening concept with her husband, Rickard Newman.


-The Emperor’s New Kids (Sexuality, Integrity, and University 2013)

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