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A Note to Parents


We may no longer see parades of hippies on college campuses with signs reading “Make love, not war,” but the ideas they advocated certainly remain. In fact, the libertine notions of the sexual revolution found fertile ground in the intellectual and social culture of our colleges and universities.

As a parent of a rising college freshman, you undoubtedly already know this. And if you have concerns about contemporary collegiate sexual culture, you are not alone. We share your concern.

The Problem

In almost every aspect of university life, college men and women are told that the libertine sexual ethic is fundamental to human liberty, equality, and well-being. But this position ignores what human experience and the most rigorous research and arguments bear out – namely, that individuals and society fair best when committed to a sexual ethic that honors the institution of marriage, the intact family, and sexual integrity.

That this voice is not only missing from campus discourse but also frequently derided is an injustice. Universities should be providing an intellectually honest education and a fair presentation of competing arguments and points of view.

Parents Matter and Make a Difference

At the Love and Fidelity Network, we do our best to influence campus discourse and culture through our student leaders. But we rely on our network of alumni, faculty, and friends to be on the ground as a support for our student leaders in the communities where they are. We want your children not just to survive but to thrive on campus, and to be confident and intelligent about how they live out their commitments.

With so many of the adults and role models at college favoring libertine sexual norms (or silent about such matters), it is essential that parents be informed about the college culture and be able to speak intelligently about it to their children and other college aged men and women.

What You Can Do

At LFN, we want to be a resource for you as you prepare your child for college and help guide him/her through the following four years. Here are a few ways we can help you.

  1. Check out our resources for parents. We’ve polled our student leaders and alumni and have put together some guides for you as you learn about contemporary college culture and talk to your child about it.

Questions to Consider When Choosing a College
Parents’ Survival Guide to Collegiate Sex Ed
An Upperclassman’s Advice to Parents

Top Ten Ways to Live out Sexual Integrity on Campus
Top Books, Articles, and Links for Parents

  1. Connect your child to our student leaders and campus network. One of the most effective sources of support for college men and women are their own peers and the university community members around them. We have an extensive network of students, faculty, and staff and can help connect your child to those on their campus who will support them in their commitment to marriage, family, and sexual integrity.
  1. Become a Friend of Love and Fidelity. As a Friend of Love and Fidelity, you will receive our news updates with anecdotes highlighting the leadership and initiatives of our student leaders. Friends of LFN also directly support our student leaders and their campus efforts through their tax-deductible contribution of $15 or more.

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