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The Love and Fidelity Network is hosting its tenth national conference, Sexuality, Integrity, and the University, on October 27th and 28th at Princeton University. The goal of this annual conference is to connect college men and women, young professionals, and community supporters to leading scholars and experts in order to equip them with the best arguments and resources in support of marriage, family, and sexual integrity. Participants and livestream viewers will also find ample opportunity to network with and learn from each other and attend sessions designed to equip them to bring the message of love and fidelity back to their respective campuses and to the public square.

Please join us to watch starting on October 27th as we bring together a unique group of experts who will present us with their recent research and findings on the topics of marriage, family, and sexual integrity.



7:30 PM — Welcome Remarks
Drs. Benjamin and Jenna Storey, Furman University

8:00 PM — Academic Freedom, Self-Mastery, and the Liberal Arts
Robert P. George, D.Phil., Princeton University


9:00 AM — Battle of the Sexes
Ashley McGuire, Author

11:00 AM — When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment
Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation

2:00 PM — The Universal Right of the Child to Married Parents
Patrick Fagan, Ph.D., Marriage and Religion Research Institute

2:30 PM — "Confirm Thy Soul in Self-Control, Thy Liberty in Law": Insights into Pitirim Sorokin's American Sex Revolution
Paul Kerry, D.Phil., Brigham Young University

4:00 PM — Technology and Sexuality: How Tuning In and Turning On Has Created a Nation of Sexual Dropouts
Brett Robinson, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Jessica Keating, University of Notre Dame

5:30 PM — Pornography & Singles: Creating a Porn-Free Life in a "Pornified" World
Jill Manning, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist

Our Mission

The Love and Fidelity Network advances the truth about the institution of marriage, the unique role of the intact family, and the value of sexual integrity among college students and in university practices, policies and norms.

Our Core Values

The Love and Fidelity Network believes that the flourishing of society depends on healthy family lives and stable marriages to provide the next generation with sound moral instruction and character development.  Furthermore, we believe that stable marriages and families, and the moral character they cultivate, are best supported by a commitment to the integrity of sex and to the healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors that honor that integrity.