Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

Integrity in Action 2016

June 8-12, 2016


Mark your calendars for June 8-12, when we’ll be hosting our 2016 Integrity in Action seminar in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Love and Fidelity Network’s Integrity in Action student leadership seminar is an intensive five-day workshop that focuses on connecting student leaders from across the country, equipping them with the practical skills needed for campus leadership, and training them in the arguments for marriage, family, and sexual integrity.

Participants will have the opportunity to more thoroughly engage with the most pressing contemporary questions on these topics by exploring the best arguments and their application in collegiate and national discourse.  Students will also undergo training by various field experts in the practical skills needed for effective campus leadership, including sessions on fundraising, social media marketing, event organization, and press and media management.

The students selected to attend the seminar will receive a full tuition scholarship that includes room and board.



Mark Regnerus, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation
Mary Anne Layden, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Sherif GirgisJD and PhD Candidate, Yale University and Princeton University
Janice Chik Breidenbach, PhD, Ave Mari University
Matthew Schmitz, Literary Editor of First Things
Daniel Mark, PhD, Villanova University
Kathryn Lopez, Editor-at-large of the National Review Online
Mitch Muncy, Executive Director of Humanum
Jonathan Hwang, Princeton University, Former Princeton Anscombe Society President
Luciana Milano, Harvard University, Former Harvard College Anscombe Society President

Read the presenters’ bios here.



View the photos from last year’s seminar. 




To apply fill out the PDF application form linked below and send it, along with your essay and résumé, to by April 29, 2016.

Integrity in Action 2016 Application Form

Questions? Email

Extended Deadline: April 29, 2016

(Please note we are no longer accepting applications for Integrity in Action 2016)



The five-day seminar costs roughly $500 per student. To ensure all of our student leaders have the opportunity to participate, we offer the seminar at no cost to the students, relying on the generous support of people like you, who make the training possible. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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