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2014 Sexuality, Integrity, and the University — National Conference


Valerie Huber – From First Blush to Sexual Chaos: Sex Education in America–history and histrionics

  Epidemic levels of sexually transmitted disease. Fear that the family structure was disintegrating. Worries that American culture was becoming unhinged. A matter of national security. These concerns prompted the government to launch sex education on hundred years ago. But … Continue reading »

William B. Hurlbut – Love, Sex, and Genes

Shaped by the primary forces of life, human sexuality is at the convergence of the biological mechanism and personal meaning; it is, at once, a central axis of identity, a compelling drive, and the living link between the generations. Yet, … Continue reading »

Robert P. George – Faith, Sex, and Freedom: What People of Faith can Expect in a Revisionist Marriage Culture

Professor George will discuss the threats posed by the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships as “marriages,” especially when combined with “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) laws, to religious freedom and basic rights of conscience. These threats are in the … Continue reading »

Kay S. Hymowitz – Marriage, Caste, and Confusion: Emerging Adulthood in a Scriptless Culture

People are marrying much later than they did a generation ago. In the past, twenty-somethings were generally married and had several children; today, college educated men and women spend their twenties living in cities with multiple pleasures at their disposal, … Continue reading »

Michael Pakaluk – First Comes Friendship? The Role of Friendship on the Course of Dating, Marriage, and Family Life

  In what sense is a marriage a friendship? If it is a friendship, is the romantic relationship a form of friendship, or the  friendship something else and in addition? What role does the controversial notion of complementarity of the … Continue reading »

Tim Reckart – Communicating Values through the Movies

Why do so many “message movies” feel like sermons and not like entertainment? Can a work of fiction change someone’s mind about the real world? With a presentation that touches on Blaise Pascal, Leo Tolstoy, and the Simpsons, Oscar-nominated director … Continue reading »

Kerry Cronin – Hanging Out and Hooking Up: The Case of the Lost Social Script of Dating on College Campuses

Many observers find the prevalence of hook-up culture on college campuses to be a signal of the last gasps of traditional courtship and dating. Still others view that conclusion as the “moral panic” of the old and unhip. But what … Continue reading »

Scott Stanley – Sliding vs. Deciding: How Life Before “I Do” Impacts Lasting Love

From changes in sexual practices to the disconnection of marriage from child-bearing to living together before (or instead of) marriage, patterns of family formation have changed dramatically within a brief moment of history. Dr. Stanley explores how the new paradigm … Continue reading »

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