Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

2011 Regional Conference -- University of Virginia


Taking Sex Differences Seriously

Sex differences are not simply the result of societal expectations and parental influence; they are deeply rooted in our biology and they are consequential. This talk provides the evidence about sex differences and explore their implications for our culture and public policies.

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Wedded Bliss: Wandering to the Altar

Dr. and Mrs. Wilcox provide an overview of the successful steps that students can take to find a good spouse, and the steps they can take once they are married to remain happily married.

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Is a Father Different from a Parent? Fathers’ Unique Presence in and Contribution to Their Children’s Lives

David Blankenhorn and Dr. Linda Malone-Colon exchange their informed viewpoints on the importance of fatherhood and the unique contribution of fathers upon sons, and upon daughters.

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The Question We Never Thought We’d Ask: Does Having a Mother Really Matter?

The presentation provides an analysis of the unique contributions and influence of mothers in terms of the role of maternal-child attachment on children’s development, the effects of non- maternal child care, and the extent to which men mother in the same way as women.

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2011 Regional Conference Q&A panel

Question and Answer panel during the 2011 Love and Fidelity Conference featuring David Blankenhorn, Steven Rhoads, Ph.D., and Jenet Jacob Erickson, Ph.D.

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