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2011 Sexuality, Integrity, and the University -- National Conference


The Person as a Gift

Opening remarks by conference moderator, Christopher Tollefsen, Ph.D., University of South Carolina Award-winning student essay, “Disconnected Libido and Limitless Hedonism: The State of Sex on the Modern Campus” by Justin R. Hawkins, Georgetown 2011 “The Person as a Gift” by … Continue reading »

Cohabitation and its Discontents

Helen Alvaré, Esq., George Mason University School of Law Empirically speaking, cohabitation has now proved itself a failure. Rather than providing a basis for a more stable future, it is associated with relationship instability, unhappiness and even higher rates of … Continue reading »

Is the Path to a Healthy Relationship Common Sense or Counterintuitive?: Lessons Learned from Research on Forgiveness

Frank Fincham, Ph.D., Florida State University In close relationships we voluntarily make ourselves vulnerable to another human being by linking the realization of our needs, aspirations, and hopes to the goodwill of a relationship partner. Doing so makes possible the … Continue reading »

The Interactions Between Healthy Marriages and Healthy Economies

Robert Lerman, Ph.D., American University; Urban Institute Economists generally emphasize the critical role of investment in strengthening the economy of families and national economies. They rightly point to national investments in education, training, research, and physical capital as requiring sacrifices … Continue reading »

The Next Generation for Marriage: How to Speak for Marriage as the Union of Husband and Wife

Thomas Peters, National Organization for Marriage How do we speak for marriage as the union of husband and wife on college campuses today? To stand for our marriage tradition, as we know, requires courage–it risks being dubbed a “bigot” and … Continue reading »

The Good Word on Marriage

Bill McGurn, The Wall Street Journal Perhaps the greatest challenge facing those who grasp the sexual, legal, and moral coherence that comes together in traditional marriage is how to communicate this message to others. The simple answer is, first, that … Continue reading »

From Dorm Room to Classroom: Effectively Responding to Critiques from Friends, Peers, and Professors

Cassandra L. Hough, Love and Fidelity Network Sherif Girgis, Ph.D. candidate at Princeton; J.D. candidate at Yale Law School On most campuses, traditional moral views on sex and marriage are met with indifference or hostility, and their proponents are deemed … Continue reading »

What’s Faith Got to Do With It?: The Contribution of Faith to Healthy Relationship Formation

John Van Epp, Ph.D., Love Thinks Asma Uddin, Esq., Altmuslimah Thomas Holman, Ph.D., Brigham Young University Miriam Grossman, M.D., World Youth Alliance The landscape of college relationships has changed drastically over the past five decades. Still, college remains a time … Continue reading »

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