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2008 Sexuality, Integrity, and the University -- National Conference


Sexuality, Integrity and the University

Opening remarks by Cassandra DeBenedetto, Director of the Love and Fidelity Network and conference moderator, Matthew J. Franck, Ph.D., Radford University “Sexuality, Integrity, and the University” Mary Eberstadt, Hoover Institute Robert P. George, Ph.D., Princeton University

Wedded Bliss: What Makes for Marital Success in Contemporary America

W. Bradford Wilcox, Ph.D., University of Virginia Currently, we have no organized system of courtship for young adults, which often makes the relations between men and women aimless, confusing, and frustrating. To remedy this confusion, Dr. Wilcox offers some concrete … Continue reading »

The Great Divorce: What Happened to True Love and What is Good Chastity?: Sexual Ethics and Human Flourishing

Laura Garcia, Ph.D., Boston College We are attracted to the opposite sex in so many ways. How can we tell if what we feel for each other is the real thing? The careful analysis of sexual attraction in Karol Wojtyla’s … Continue reading »

Making the Case for Marriage in the Media and Public Square

Maggie Gallagher, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy Marriage is now ground-zero in the culture wars.  To speak up for marriage as the union of husband and wife makes you a target like no other. Even many faithful and committed … Continue reading »

The Social and Economic Costs of the Sexual Revolution

Sara McLanahan, Ph.D., Princeton University Fragile Families, defined as unmarried couples with children, have increased dramatically during the past few decades, have increased dramatically during the past few decades, stimulating considerable debate among experts about the stimulating considerable debate among … Continue reading »

Unprotected: The Medical and Psychological Costs of the Hookup Culture

Miriam Grossman, M.D., Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute The sex education provided by most campus health centers encourages “safe sex” and using “protection”. Yet students following these means of sexual conduct continue to find themselves un-protected when it comes to … Continue reading »

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