Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

National Conference Sponsorships


This is a critical time to equip the next generation of leaders to defend marriage and advocate for sexual integrity within their university communities and beyond. But we can’t do that without the generosity of our friends and supporters. This year we are asking our friends to please consider sponsoring the Love and Fidelity Network’s annual conference Sexuality, Integrity, and the University through one of the following sponsorship levels. For conference details click here. For questions regarding sponsorship opportunities email Brittany Basile at

Become a 2017 Sexuality, Integrity, and the University Conference Sponsor

  • $350 Student Sponsorship
    A student sponsorship covers the cost of one student’s attendance, lodging, and meals during the conference.
  • $1,000 Group Sponsorship
    A group sponsorship enables us to bring a team of leaders from one of LFN’s member groups to our conference, providing them with meals and lodging as well as assistance with transportation.
  • $2,500 Keynote Sponsorship
    A gift of $2,500 provides funding for the cost of inviting a renowned expert to equip students with the intellectual resources and arguments to bring to conversations on their own campuses.
  • $5,000 Leadership Sponsorship
    A gift of $5,000 enables us to bring in two renowned experts, significantly contributing to our ability to train students in the arguments they need to defend marriage, family, and sexual integrity on campus
  • $10,000 Network Sponsorship
    A gift of $10,000 contributes to our ability to host this annual conference, bringing together the leaders from across our Network and serving as the centerpiece of the movement for sexual integrity on campus.

Contributions can be made by check to the Collegiate Cultural Foundation and mailed to The Love and Fidelity Network at 16 Stockton St., Princeton, New Jersey 08540 or online through our secure portal.

The students in our network are tremendously grateful for your support. Here is what a few students said last year to the generous donors whose gifts made the conference possible:

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Testimonials from last year’s conference: 

It enriched me with new insights to be able to have more persuasive arguments when discussing these issues in my community. Sarah Thomas, Stanford University

Dr. Freitas’s talk enabled me to understand how the hookup culture is at odds with consent and the ideals most people espouse about respecting others, namely that it is founded on not caring for one’s partner. At Princeton, we may devote some of our focus to talking about how to care for a person’s total good and how that translates to sexual ethics and marriage. Brandon Joa, Princeton University

The SIU conference has introduced me to good speakers and thinkers on marriage, family, and sexual integrity. I will take away the knowledge that there are many people and organizations doing important work to push back against the hook-up culture. Joseph Gazaille, Providence College

I feel more ready to get into intellectual conversations on these topics with people who disagree with what I believe.
Rachel Torres, Catholic University of America

Thank you all so much. It’s so incredibly comforting to know that we have support as we challenge the norms on our campuses. Thank you for making it possible to have these conferences and for helping us in our cultural mission.
Madeleine Lucas, Washington and Lee University







The Love and Fidelity Network is the principal program of the Collegiate Cultural Foundation a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.