Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity

Sexuality, Integrity, and the University is now 10 years running! Over the last decade supporters like you have encouraged and inspired us. You have raised your voice in support of the institution of marriage, the unique role of the intact family, and the value of sexual integrity in university campus life.


Each year of our journey is a testament to YOU.


Our work is just beginning and our impact growing. Will you continue shepherding our work forward by giving us a celebratory gift in honor of this wonderful 10th anniversary milestone?

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Your support will further our mission in a very tangible way; we will use your gift to bring a student leader to our national conference—a gathering that has been inspiring students and effecting campus change for 10 years! Without your past support, ten years would not have been possible. Thank you for the role you have played in advancing our mission. 


As a witness to the impact your past support has had on our student leaders, read a few of their conference reflections below.


It provided encouragement, validation, and a new arsenal of arguments and information. Kelly Thomas, Georgetown University

It kept me inspired. I met other students who share my beliefs and values. Robert Smith, Dartmouth College

I am more motivated to address these issues around campus…it was encouraging to see students from around the country who are working hard to fight for truthBrandon Joa, Princeton University


Your conference support creates an incredible and unique experience for Love and Fidelity Network student leaders, who otherwise feel isolated on campus. Thanks to you the next generation of student leaders are ready to ring in a new decade of ceaseless defense and relentless pursuit of the truth of the institution of marriage, the unique role of the intact family, and the value of sexual integrity. This is worth celebrating.


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I left with more conviction to stand up for my beliefs because of all of the knowledge I incurred. I now feel more equipped to have conversations on these topics.

Maria Flores, Catholic University of America


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