Building the next generation of leaders for marriage, family, and sexual integrity


Dear Alumni,

Whether you are celebrating your 5th college reunion or your 25th, many of you are already quite aware of the sexual pressures that exist on college campuses.  You may be surprised to know, however, just how much the discussion on love, sex, and relationships has become one-sided. Sexual self-restraint, premarital abstinence, and notions of sexual decency are habitually scorned and disregarded as unreasonable and old-fashioned. From freshman orientation to course reading lists, sexual health services to university-sponsored lectures, casual attitudes toward sex and liberationist ideas have become the orthodoxy on college campuses.

Take, for example, Sex Week at Yale, which sponsored a pornographic screening as well as sex toy giveaways. Or Princeton University’s lecture “The Religious Right’s Obsession with Gay Sex,” which made a mockery of the legitimate reasons people of faith disagree with homosexual behavior. University health centers emphasize consent and protection as rules of “safe sex.” However, they fail to inform young men and women of the toll promiscuity takes on physical and emotional health and future marital stability. Today’s college students are receiving biased information about what makes for healthy and moral sexual behavior. Consequently, many feel pressured to behave in ways that harm them or that they are not comfortable with.

We at the Love and Fidelity Network believe there is an urgent need to change this situation. We aim to educate students in the arguments their universities are not providing them – arguments supporting the value of the institution of marriage, the role of the family, and sexual integrity. We coach student leaders across the country to proactively respond to their campus culture, encouraging them to start student groups and to host speakers who contribute helpful information and resources on these matters.

However, these young men and women cannot accomplish this alone. They need your help.

As alumni, you are in an ideal position to effect change at your university. Many universities financially rely on their alumni fundraisers. If you disagree with the programs, services, and policies of your alma mater, rally some fellow alumni to give their annual donation to a student group or other organization working to reform the campus sexual culture. Or, designate your donation for a specific cause on campus. Take an interest in how the current undergraduate classes are enriching campus life, and encourage them to keep up their good work! Write articles in your alumni paper, and browse our website for helpful information about the costs of the hookup culture. Discuss the issues with fellow alumni. There may be one of our Member Groups or Student Fellows already at your alma mater. Consider giving a small motivational talk or hosting a luncheon with the students. Contact us about how you can support their initiatives further.

You have an invaluable role to play in reforming your campus culture. Student activists and leaders will come and go, but the alumni are a constant presence. With your support, the students on campus will be far more successful, effecting long-lasting positive change within their campus communities.

Together, we can impact campus culture. 


The Love and Fidelity Network is the principal program of the Collegiate Cultural Foundation a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.