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How to Get Started

When starting a group, it is invaluable to establish positive relationships with members of the administration, health centers, and various academic departments. These individuals will be able to serve as your advocates on campus and to legitimize your efforts in the eyes of the university community.

Idle members lose interest and are less likely to be available and passionate about being a part of the group. It is important to give each member the impression that he or she is invaluable and irreplaceable.

As David Hunsaker ’13 Brigham Young University suggests, it is important to delegate responsibilities to your leadership team, even if you are concerned that the person assigned will not follow through on his/her responsibility. It is a worthwhile experience to let your team members each take a responsibility in events, even at the risk of having some parts fail. Once your team members feel responsibility for something and see it succeed, they feel empowered and will be much better contributors because of that experience.

Start a Campus Group in Just a Few Easy Steps

  1. Identify the need. Be on the lookout
     for instances in which only one view in matters of sexuality and sexual health is represented.
  2. Propose a solution. Determine the concrete ways your student organization will set about meeting the needs you identified. Define your group’s mission and your goals.
  3. Generate support. Find other students who see the same need you have identified. Get them excited about starting a student group to provide an alternative voice–and keep a list of supportive students.
  4. Identify leaders and get faculty support. Designate certain individuals to fill certain roles within the group and delegate responsibilities. Find a faculty a supportive faculty member to become your group’s adviser.
  5. Register with the University. Become an official student group to receive benefits in campus funding, advertising, facility use, and more.
  6. Become a part of our network! The Love and Fidelity Network is here to help educate, train, and equip college students like you with the arguments, resources, and direction you need to uphold the institution of marriage, the unique role of the family, and sexual integrity on your campus. Get involved!

Interested in learning more? Email to request a copy of the Love and Fidelity Network’s student manual.

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