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How to Advertise

When a group is holding an event, it is essential that you advertise it well. Pay attention to the details. If your advertisement includes a picture, be sure to make it intriguing, attractive, and eye catching, identify the audience you are hoping to attract to your event beforehand, and choose the language and design for your advertisement accordingly.

You have many options when it comes to advertising. Keep in mind your intended audience and be sure to communicate all the important details.

Try some of these great ways to advertise on campus:

  • Create a Facebook event.
  • Update your student website.
  • Send a mass email to the campus community.
  • Design and distribute flyers with helpful information about your group and its upcoming events.
  • Create table toppers for social spaces such as dining halls or study rooms.
  • Advertise with posters or flyers on public bulletin boards.
  • Consider advertising in the school newspaper if you are hosting a large, campus-wide event.
  • Give free gifts. For example, if you are hosting a speaker on the topic of chastity and dating, you could tape Hershey’s kisses to slips of paper with event information on them.
  • Set up tables. During freshman orientation or a student activities fair, you may have the opportunity to set up a table for your student organization. This is a great way to make your organization known to the school and to recruit new members.

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