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Jennifer Roback Morse Lectures at CUA –
“Homo Economicus & the Sexual Revolution”

by the CUA Anscombe Society Officer Team

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Two weeks ago the CUA Anscombe Society co-hosted a lecture with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. The subject of Dr. Morse’s lecture was “Does Homoeconomicus Have Attachment Disorder?” In her lecture, Dr. Morse spoke about her book, Love & Economics: Why the Laissez-faire Family Doesn’t Work, her personal experience as a mother, and the sexual revolution. The majority of Dr. Morse’s lecture was about her book and the sexual revolution. Dr. Morse was inspired to write Love & Economics because of her simultaneous discovery that it is both essential and challenging for children to be raised by two parents – especially in their infancy. There are many challenges in our society regarding nurturing a healthy family, but Dr. Morse particularly focused on the pressures of the economic world on the family. Dr. Morse states that the economic world and its systematic processes are too narrow, and can inhibit the nurturing of a healthy family environment.

The second part of Dr. Morse’s talk was about the sexual revolution and its rampant influence on our culture as a whole, familial structure, and the human person. Dr. Morse spoke specifically about those affected by unwanted sexual injustices and how they have become victims of the sexual revolution. She talked about how those of us who are aware of the harmful nature of the sexual revolution are called to enter into “healing friendships” with persons who may be victims of the sexual revolution. A “healing friendship” conveys a message of compassion and companionship.

The crux of Dr. Morse’s lecture was that the human person is made for attachment and companionship. Dr. Morse concluded her lecture by stating (in reference to the sexual revolution): “I will never accept this as normal.” As members of the Love & Fidelity Network we are called to recognize this need for genuine companionship, and we are called to be part of a social movement that strives to enact change.

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“Homo Economicus & the Sexual Revolution”

  1. Moira Eastman PhD says:

    Can I get a copy of Dr Morse’s paper?

    Can I submit a paper. Not only are dating and marriage undermined by powerful forces, but so are mothers and mothering.

    Can I send you a paper on this?

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