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9 Casual Date Ideas: Think Outside the Box!

by Brittany Crippen


This week we’ve been encouraging students to “take the plunge” and start asking each other out. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell that special person you think they’re worth getting to know better. Asking someone out might make you step out of your comfort zone, but if you loosen up and simply have fun with it, you’ll be glad you made the effort!

It’s always good to have a date activity in mind beforehand. Having a plan will help you relax and it will most likely be impressive to the person you’re asking out. If you want to ask someone out for the first time or if you’ve exhausted all your creative dating ideas with the person you’re already seeing, maybe you’ll find inspiration in some of these casual date options!

1) Take a silly statue photo tour.

If you live near a city or even a small town, chances are there are at least several statues or sculptures scattered a few blocks apart. Enjoy walking and conversing with your date, and every time you come across a statue take a silly picture (like one of these!). You’ll probably get some good laughs.

2) Go international…

…without leaving your own town! Always wanted to visit France? Find a French café or if you like cooking, plan your own French meal/picnic. Visit a local museum and track down all the French artists. Watch a French film (or an American movie set in France). How authentic do you want to be?

3) Visit an aquarium.

(Or a local pet shot if you’re trying to keep it inexpensive!) It’s always fun to see aquatic animals, and you’d be surprised at how great of a conversation starter animals can be.

4) Give yourselves a $5 gift challenge.

Go to the mall or your favorite bookstore. Split up and buy each other something $5 or less. (Could be gag gifts, or something you’ll know they’ll actually love.) Meet back up and exchange gifts. Explain why you chose that particular item for your date.

5) Coffee shop hop.

Pick a handful of coffee shops (a mixture of your favorite digs and untested joints) and sample their most popular drinks and pastries. Decide at the end which ones you think were the best and why!

6) Go on a window shopping spree.

Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Visit a few stores out of your price range. Admire. Try on. Compliment each other. But do not buy! Make it a game to see who can be the more “convincing” shopper.

7) Take a walk down memory lane.

Hit up your local bookstore and head straight for the children’s section. Look for books that were your childhood favorites and re-read some of them together!

8) Stargaze.

Head to a local park at night (make sure it’s safe!) or visit a planetarium. See how many constellations the two of you can find. Might be a good idea to brush up on a few of them beforehand so you remember what to look for.

9) Create your own nook.

Build a fort out of couch cushions. Watch a movie on your laptop or read a book. You could read out loud to each other or read a book that you each picked out for the other person.

Not convinced about casual dating? Read this defense of the casual date.

Brittany Crippen is the Outreach and Programs Officer at the Love and Fidelity Network. 

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