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Dating 101: How to Ask Someone Out

ask someone out

by Josephine Romea

On college campuses today, dating is a thing of the past. Just as children’s outdoor activities have been replaced with iPhones and computers, college students have traded in genuine relationships and personal connections with other people for one night stands and “hang out” sessions. Combine our commitment-averse society with the rise of social media and you have the demise of dating. However, many college students still yearn for real and lasting romance. We understand that there is more to a person than their Facebook profile suggests. But, how exactly do we get back on the dating saddle?

The first step is asking someone out. After Snapchatting and swiping right on Tinder for quite some time, college students have forgotten how to properly ask someone out on a date. The two things that often prevent people from asking someone out are the fear of rejection and the idea that they are not ready to enter into a long, committed relationship. However, it is highly unlikely that a person will react to a date offer with hostility. It’s dinner, not a marriage proposal. Relax. The point of dating is getting to really know another person. This, however, actually requires spending quality time with the other person. We fall in love with personalities, not profiles. That being said, in-person communication is the ideal way to ask someone out. If that is not possible, Alexander Graham Bell invented this nifty contraption called the telephone. Nothing can quite replace body language and tone of voice. Clarity is as important as communication. Clearly state your intentions. It’s never pleasant to ask yourself, “Was that a date?” Also, specify where and when the date is taking place. Planning indicates that you care. It’s all in the details. Lastly, remember to be confident and genuine! These are the steps to asking someone out. Let’s not put dating in the history textbooks quite yet.

Josephine Romea is a senior at the University of California, Los Angeles and president of the UCLA Anscombe Society.

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