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State of Affairs Writing Contest

Are you a college or graduate student or a recent graduate? Do you believe in upholding the institution of marriage, seek to offer an alternative voice to the popular campus hook-up culture, and recognize the unique role of the family within society? Do you enjoy writing about matters of marriage, family, or sexual integrity? We invite you to enter our Blog article contest! The winners will receive the following:

First place – $150
Second place – $100
Third place – $50

The top articles will also be featured on the Love and Fidelity Network’s blog, State of Affairs, and acknowledged at our 5th Intercollegiate Conference on Sexuality, Integrity and the University in November. Entries will be evaluated by the LFN staff as well as Ryan Anderson, editor of Public Discourse, based on their creative and compelling approach to a question or topic, ability to articulate a clear and coherent point in a limited space, potential to generate discussion, and overall quality of writing. Entries should be between 300 and 500 words in length.

Please send your entries via email to with the subject line “Blog contest submission.” The deadline for submissions is Sunday, October 7.

We encourage writers to address a specific, narrowly-focused question related to one of these suggested topics that can be appropriately discussed in 300-500 words. If you would like to propose a topic that isn’t listed before submitting, or ask us about the specific question you plan to address before writing, please email We are happy to discuss topic ideas as you decide what you’d like to write about, but cannot help with proofreading or editing drafts in fairness to all entries. Please note that the articles should not be overtly religious in tone and should assume a religiously diverse audience.

Suggested topics for entries include

  • Marriage: A single young adult’s view
  • Perspectives on dating and courtship on campus and beyond
  • How does the hook-up culture affect us, even non-participants?
  • How does the campus dating culture compare with your expectations prior to your arrival on campus?
  •  What does it mean to provide an alternative voice on campus?
  • What’s the big deal with cohabitation?
  • What do college men and women think about family
  • Feel free to develop your own prompt based on the topics above or one from this list: Career & Family, Commitment, Divorce, Friendship, Marriage, Masculinity or Femininity, Motherhood and/or Fatherhood, Pornography, or Sexual Integrity

Best of luck to all! We are thoroughly looking forward to hearing your ideas and reading your work.

The LFN staff

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